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Simple Steps To Get To First Page Of Google With A Link Wheel And A Balanced Link Building Campaign

Simple Steps To Get To First Page Of Google With A Link Wheel And A Balanced Link Building Campaign

Over the last year link wheels have become the latest craze in seo everywhere you go you hear one opinion or another about link wheels. Some love them some think they do not give you the value or benefit that one way authority links do.
In my opinion combining multiple wheels along with a well balanced link building campaign you can achieve first page Google results within a short period of time. Your link building service provider should combine link wheels, and submit each hub of the wheel to 20 do follow authority social bookmarking sites. They Should also use targeted niche one way links, social bookmarking, and High page rank link directories. If you combine these four types of links you can move your website from the basement to the penthouse. Be sure to choose your link building service provider carefully ask questions make sure they will customize a well balanced link building campaign.

A critical step is to make sure your wheel is submitted to 20 top social bookmarking do follow sites. Any professional link building service will also submit to rss feeds. Follow these simple steps and you can move to the first page of Google. Boost your page rank and watch your website traffic spike.
While you are waiting for your wheel to work its magic, it is important to continue to add useful and unique content to your site. You may get tired of the old cliche that content is king but there is no substitute for quality content. Not only will this enhance the utility of your site for visitors, but it will speed up the process of improving your overall index ranking in the search engines. While a link wheel may help draw traffic, there is no substitute for hard work. To get to the top of Google and stay there you must continue to build your links every day.
A link wheel is worthless if you do not target the right keywords, and most important every link in the wheel has to be unique content. If you do not use unique content you are wasting your time.

Here are five simple steps to follow so your link wheel will give your website the most benefit.

1. Do your homework make sure you research your keywords and that the keywords you want to target in your link wheel is optimized into the content of your website.

2. Write unique articles for every link of your wheel, be sure to write extra articles to feed your link wheel with fresh unique content that Google will love.

3. First day post a article to a authority web 2.0 site for example squidoo or hubpages place a link to you main money site, and another link to the next spoke in your link wheel.

4. Create a different spoke every day at a different web 2.0 authority site until you have as many spokes in your link wheel as you want.

5. Once you have completed your link wheel continue to build it with fresh unique articles to all the links in your wheel.

These are the basics for a successful link wheel one note I feel that Google is taking close notice of link wheels at some point the link wheel needs to evolve into a open link wheel with multiple hubs.
More about that at a later date.

Bob D Williams has been involved in the seo field for over ten years. Working in various seo services but specializeing in link building services. And in search engine optimization.

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