Sunday, July 2, 2017

Suffering from Flying Anxiety? Get the facts why you have fear of flying

As one of the most common fears is fear of flying. Those suffering with flying anxiety point to 
numerous reasons why. They claim some factor to be the basis for their fear. Many also confess 
they realize the reasons of their fears stems from an irrational situations. 

This makes dealing with the fear more difficult. No amount of reason, no matter how passionately 
presented, impacts the fear of flying. Looking at fear of flying from an overall standpoint. 
Speaking to some of the underlying issues may provide a path toward understanding why people fear

It is basically Lack of Control. When it comes to surrendering control. People state the act of 
boarding a vehicle weighing several tons and trusting it to transport them from one part of the 
world to another surpasses anything they might be asked to do. 

A person struggling with control of a specific situation will have ordered their life in such a 
way as to reduce risk. Someone who has anxiety triggered by a loss of control only needs to board 
the plane to start addressing the issue and persevering to health. 
The other factor could be Fear of Death. Airline tragedies, with their fatalities and fiery wreckage,
naturally lead those with a fear of flying into a spiral. A fear of death is healthy. It acts as an
early warning system for danger. 
Take the example of a person drawing to near to the edge of drop. The pit in the center of their 
stomach tells them everything they need to know about the risk involved with being near the edge. 
The same can be said for the fear of flying given the high level of risk involved with the activity.

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